A Piece of Cake at Haskell Vineyards

Stellenbosch, Western Cape, Functions Venue

Rooted in the idea that humans are stewards of the earth and that farming should not harm the environment, dining at Longtable Restaurant allows patrons to choose from a menu of dishes made from fruits and vegetables sourced from nearby farms. One such supplier, Genesis, is a family-run farm in Stellenbosch specialising in growing organic vegetables and like us believe that sun, soil and water are the only necessary ingredients for growing healthy and delicious food.

All seafood served at Longtable is supplied by Abalobi with their mantra ‘from hook to cook’. Customers can enjoy delicious seafood which is ethically and responsibly sourced. From our point of view by sourcing our fish from Abalobi, we are supporting small-scale fishermen, ensuring they get a fair price, whilst providing us with a sustainable fish supply which is ecologically responsible and socially fair.

In line with our vision of providing high quality with sustainability, all water used at Longtable is supplied by Infinity Air Water in Stellenbosch. This water is harvested from the natural formation of humidity across the ocean to Stellenbosch, where it is condensed, filtered and treated with ultra violet before being glass-bottled and used in our kitchens.