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From the ashes – Dombeya Fenix

It is fair to say that we hadn’t intended on releasing a new wine. Certainly, it must be said, not another Bordeaux-style blend, identical to the award winning Dombeya Altus that already sat comfortably in the Dombeya portfolio.And we certainly had no intention of releasing the same wine, under a different name, after establishing Altus [...]

The Surprise of the Season

Late one recent Thursday, after a long day of tasting, a game-changer entered our vinous lives. If you told us what was about to be poured, we may not have even bothered. South Africa? We might have asked, when was the last time we went bonkers for a wine from South Africa? Well, we now have [...]

WOSA generic Mainz – Germany

 Last weekend I flew to Mainz in Germany for the WOSA generic tasting. Mainz is about 20-30 min drive from Frankfurt and built on the Western river bank of the Rhine RiverMainz is one of the centers of the German wine economy as a center for wine trade and the seat of the state’s wine [...]